Saturday, July 4, 2015

I need a "Way-Back" Machine

I spent many years at this movie complex, the South Bay General Cinemas, in Torrance, in the latter part of the 1970's.

I saw both King Kong (The remake with the giant gorilla footprints in front of the theater, the one on this painting.), and Superman. 
Star Wars was seen 16 times by myself at a time when the price of an adult ticket was $1.50/$1.75 a show. A large tub of popcorn also ran about a buck and a half.

It is sad. Here I am nearly four decades later and I am only now just getting it.

As traumatic as my life was in the 1970's and early 1980's, the BEST part of it was the movies, Del Amo Mall, Old Towne Mall, the Marina 3 Cinema in Redondo Beach (A stones throw away from the Redondo Beach Pier), and the South Bay General Cinemas, in Torrance.

Then, sometime afterwards,  a trip to Rare Records, in the Rivera Village in Redondo Beach, or Warehouse Records and Tapes in Torrance, to get the soundtracks of Star Wars, Superman, High Anxiety, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and other film soundtracks that I bought.

If only Stewie would only go back in time and give the earlier me a heads up, the past nowadays, would be held with far more appreciation than it currently does.

We may not be able to go home again, but it would be nice just to stop in for a brief visit now and then.