Monday, June 29, 2015

A Supreme Court Ruling cuts the tie to an intrical thread in a divinely created tapestry.

Equality has always been of major importance my family. My late mother and dad took a serious stand in the 1960's for such things, when it was not always necessarily fashionable to do so, but they also knew where the moral line should be drawn.

Sometimes, on some subjects, such as marriage, it is difficult, if not impossible to erase/seperate the secular laws of man, from the eternal laws of God, no matter how much one would wish. In such instances, which should stand, the secular or the divine law?

The Apostle Matthew wrote that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. The laws of God, fall upon the believer as well as the unbeliever. The world will continue to spin its merry way through the universe, no flaming hailstones, no locusts, no water turned into blood, the zombie apocalypse isn't going to occur as a result of yesterday.

But something was done that may bring about unforeseen consequences. One can only turn away from the divine for so long without reaping what was sown.

Equality is important. No one, on either side of the so-called argument has said otherwise, but a line was crossed, contravening a divine mandate that has existed since the days of Adam. There will be a cost to this at some point. I only hope we are prepared for this. One can reject the laws of God for so long, before an accounting is called for.

This ruling yesterday, has a great deal more to deal with than simply "equality". Sometimes the tapestry threads are woven so tight, unraveling part of it, even for the best intentions, will only serve to ruin that intricate design that one is trying to improve/modernize.